Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jelly

So, I haven't posted in ages, mainly because I could not remember my password to get into my account (either that or blogger couldn't remember me...I know I was typing in the right one!). Whatever the case, here I am, having just entered the world of PB and J. I gave Gavin his first the other day and he loved it. Of course, it was all whole wheat, organic, etc, etc...in typical fashion, but he gobbled it up and asked for more. I was thinking as I watched, "So it begins..." because I know I will be making these for many years to come.( Although, I eat them myself, so I'm not sure that Gavin is going to increase the frequency of sandwich making that much. Tip: not weight loss food...) That aside, it's kind of a right of passage for Gavin and for me, part of his entrance into toddler-hood, which for me is a little emotional. I feel like it was literally yesterday when he ate nothing but mama's milk and needed that every hour or two. I thought that would never end, and now it has, and I am kind of wishing it hadn't. (I am way too sentimental!)

Here is a picture of the inaugural sandwich:

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megan said...

megan, this is so great!! i am glad that you are back on the blog! i did the same thing. i blogged for a minute then took about a year break, and now i'm back. i remember eli's first pb and j...it was at corbett's 2nd b-day party. it was the food carrie had out and i was freaking out because e wasn't quite 1 yet and i didn't think he was supposed to have peanut products before age 1..so i went around the whole party asking all the other moms if they would let him eat it...it was one of my more hilariously anal mothering moments. but he LOVED it and i didn't even have to use an epi pen to revive him. lol!!!